Name: Custard Marks
Occupation: Paranormal enthusiast
Likes: Reading books about unexplained phenomena, laser tag, investigating strange occurences, antacids, orange-vanilla twist cones, hay-diving in the barn, climbing trees, and Strawberry Crazy Cow.
Areas of Special Interest: Bigfoot, Coral Castle, UFOs, Loch Ness monster, telekinesis, and extra-sensory perception, to name a few.
Dislikes: Bullies, eyeglasses, flag football, the dark, bats (the flying kind in the barn), bats (the swinging kind in Little League), prejudiced people, the bus, nightmares, the Crooked Tree, and Chocolate Crazy Cow.
Favorite Place: The Rockpile
Motto: "The Truth Awaits."
Name: Windy Scott
Occupation: Custard's bodyguard
Likes: Gym class, soccer, softball, wrestling, thinking up nicknames for people, making fun of Custard, swinging on vines, beating up bullies, laser tag, and Wheaties.
Areas of Special Interest: Making up funny nicknames for Custard, leg wrestling, and the U.S.A. women's soccer team.
Dislikes: Bullies, injustice, boys who wear eyeglasses and laser tag vests (hee-hee), and girl stuff.
Favorite Place: The treefort at night.
Motto: "My Fist Awaits."
Name: Will Scott
Occupation: Judge, Jury, and Butt Kicker.
Likes: Gym class, football, making fun of Custard, doling out justice, winning at laser tag, go-carts, 4-wheelers, the woods, and the Slate Tree.
Areas of Special Interest: Fire, bad words, bravery, coming up with awesome good plans, and sleeping out in the treefort.
Dislikes: Bullies, math class, science class, fear, Windy's hair, and baths.
Favorite Place: Wherever Windy isn't.
Motto: "Windy is actually my twin brother."
Name: The Rockpile, a.k.a., the "RKPL."
Occupation: Fortress
Likes: Protecting kids and keeping secrets.
Areas of Special Interest: Sparkling in the moonlight.
Dislikes: Ice cream cones dripping on me, fake landscaping rocks, and raccoons who think I'm their personal bathroom.
Favorite Place: The middle of the cornfield.
Motto: "The Rock Never Stops."